Corporate Responsibility

All Office and Business are leaders in supplying furniture and accessories which enable businesses to comply with workplace health and safety regulations.

Our approach to office furniture does not simply end with a chair and desk adapted to support your frame. Our holistic philosophy on ergonomics is designed to encompass the entire well-being of you and your employees. We’ll help your business by incorporating modern office design and finishes which reduce occupational health and safety risks, and increase staff productivity.

In partnership with Occupational Therapists and Rehabilitation Consultants across Australia we can arrange ergonomic workplace assessments and supply furniture and accessories which help to avoid or overcome workplace injury, or assist employees in their return to work.

We stock a comprehensive range of seating, workstations, accessories and equipment that offers the highest quality in ergonomic solutions.

Our commitment in our own workplace to Workplace Health and Safety is paramount, and integral to how we do business. We continually review and update our business practices for compliance with Workplace Health and Safety regulations.

All Office and Business is dedicated to improving our own environmental practices at every level. We are committed to providing our customers with the choice of a wide range of biodegradable, recycled, energy efficient and environmentally friendly products that will assist you in reducing your business’s environmental impact, and help build a more sustainable future.

Where we can, we provide Australian made options.